Robo Intelligent Kit

Basic Series For Intermediators

You can make your child an innovator who can solve world problems by building projects through Robo Intelligent Kit. It is a programmable robotic kit. Open, imagine, explore, create, innovate and be a solution provider!

Robo Intelligent Kit is suitable for children of ages 12 to 13 years.


1. Kit consists of a comprehensive STEAM manual, variety of panels, brackets, rivets, rod rivets, bushings, support, gears, wheel guide, tires, dc motors, servo motors, creative controller, remote controller, IR sensors, LEDs, rods and Windows-base “Tronz” Programming Software.

2. Kids can assemble 9 projects.

3. Contains IR sensors used to obtain data from surrounding and then feed it to robots to take decisions according to conditions provided in the programming.

4. Enhances fine motor skills.

5. Learns the implementation and application of flow charts and use of If & Else statements through project-based learning.

6. They can simulate their programs in real-time projects to understand coding and its flow-control commands easily.

7. Safety-certified products.

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