Mini Robo Racers

Foundation Series For Beginners

The best educational toy for your kids to explore the world of imagination through robots that perform certain actions. Invite your friends to your home for a racing competition.

Mini Robo Racer kit is suitable for children of ages 3 to 5 years.


1. Block-based assembly kit.

2. Kit consists of a project manual, variety of multicolor blocks, panels, brackets, wheels, tires, wheel pulley, O-ring, dc motor and battery case for assembling moving projects.

3. Four projects can be assembled through this kit which include kick scooter, bike, car and airplane.

4. Investigate the speed or motion of different projects.

5. Enhances fine motor skills.

6. Improves hand-eye coordination.

7. Learns the principle of motor and its rotation.

8. Safety-certified products.


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